To Attach Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets For Concrete

Aug 29th

Heavy duty shelf brackets – First, hold a shelf brackets against concrete block wall and locate the bracket in the desired location. Use a spirit level to adjust the bracket into a vertical level position. Mark the screw holes position on the block wall under. Then, remove the bracket from the wall and replace it with the level. Turn level to a perfectly vertical or “vertical” position and move the level to the desired location of the second shelf bracket. Drawing a pencil long level edge to mark the plumb line in the second bracket.


Turn the level to a horizontal level position and run the level edge of the top screw whole mark to the plumb line in the second heavy duty shelf brackets. Transfer the position of the upper screw hole of the second bracket plumb line. Transfer the location of the remaining screw holes marks on the vertical line. And then, attach a masonry drill bit to a drill. Wrap electrical tape around the shaft is little to indicate the total length of a single concrete sleeve anchor. Drilling through each screw hole. Blow concrete dust from the holes.

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Insert a concrete sleeve anchor in each hole. Keep a shelf bracket over one set of screw holes and adjust the bracket holes with concrete anchors. Place a screw on some tips and drive the screw. Drive screws through the remaining holes. Align the other heavy duty shelf brackets with the remaining anchors and drive a screw into each anchor to attach the other bracket to the wall.

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