Bamboo Mats To Made Sushi

Aug 26th

Bamboo Mats – Mats that are used to make sushi. They are relatively cheap to buy. However, if you want to do them, it is a very simple task. Instructions: Thread the needle with double thread. The length depends on you, but a working length is 36 inches (90 cm) multiplied by two. Tie a knot about half of a bamboo skewer. That will be your starting point. Line the next skewer parallel to the first skewer and tie them together with a knot.

Bamboo Mats Style
Bamboo Mats Style

Follow this step two more times and you will have the first group. Cut the thread by leaving a 2-inch (5 cm) tail. Each group will consist of four bamboo skewers. Connect your first group of four bamboo skewers to the second group by tying them with a knot at the ends. Repeat Step 3 and continue joining one group at a time until your sushi bamboo mats stay the length you want. A good rule is to make it 18 to 20 inches (20 or 30 cm) in length.

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Place the partially completed sushi bamboo mats on a flat surface and make sure that each skewer is evenly aligned. It’s time to reinforce each side. On the left side, tie a knot to the first bamboo skewer about an inch (2.5 cm) from the edge. Continue joining the next one knot and then the next until you reach the fifth skewer.