Build Bamboo Tiki Bar

Jul 25th

Bamboo tiki bar gives a funky touch to a party or outdoor event. The bar itself consists of plywood sheets, joined in a U-shape with a counter is added to the top. Bamboo panels, such as those used for wallpaper and fences, are the right size and shape to add tiki element to the outside of the table. To build a tiki bar is a project that even those with limited woodworking skills can fill in a weekend or less.

Wonderful Bamboo Tiki Bar
Wonderful Bamboo Tiki Bar

Creating a U-shape from pressure-treated plywood. The longest board, measuring 38 by 62 inches, is the front of the bamboo tiki bar, with two boards measuring 38 by 36 inches as the sides. The finished bars will be 38 inches high, 36 inches wide and 62 inches long. Applying glue to the edges of the boards and clamp. After the glue dries, remove the clips. Sink a 2-inch wood screw through the edge of the wood. Each screw must pass through two pieces of plywood, safe wood together. Place screws every two inches apart on the edges of each board.

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Bamboo tiki bar, coat the upper edges of the bar with wood glue. Ask a pressure-treated, 24 by 62-inch sheet of plywood on top. Line the edges with the top edges of the discs. Squeeze the top to the sides with wooden clamps and let dry overnight. Sink wood screws every two inches around the top of the board after taking clips. Slide the 38 by 36-inch board in the top of plywood and the two end boards to serve as the center support. Secure the board to the top plywood piece with 2-inch wood screws.

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