Carbonized Bamboo Vs Constructed Bamboo

Aug 29th

Carbonized bamboo – Bamboo has become a popular flooring options in the United States because of its fresh look, the fact that it is a renewable resource, and the wide range of shades and textures as it comes in. The charred bamboo and engineered bamboo are just a few of the options homeowners. These bamboo floors tend to cost between $ 2 and $ 5 per square foot, depending on where the homeowner lives, and differs largely based on the life and usage

The Carbonized Bamboo
The Carbonized Bamboo

Carbonized bamboo has undergone a process that gives it a darker color than normal bamboo. The fibers are treated with high heat and pressure, crystallizing certain of the compounds of bamboo and bring its darker elements. There are many shades of carbonized bamboo, ranging from gold to dark red shades, but they all tend to be much darker than the straw-colored versions of bamboo found in nature.

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Carbonized bamboo and engineered bamboo are not mutually exclusive. Many types of technical bamboo using carbonized bamboo of the best bands. This produces carbonized bamboo with more support than it might have been pure bamboo products. Homeowners generally choose carbonized bamboo for their appearance, and then choose from the entire wood and engineered wood for the differences in quality, durability and longevity.