How to Choose Ideal Foyer Chandeliers

Sep 6th

Foyer chandeliers – word ” lobby “has French roots and literally means” fire “or” hearth “. However, sometime in mid-1800s, “foyer” came to also mean a hallway or lobby. Entrance inside front door of home is considered a foyer. When choosing lamps for a lobby, it is useful to identify a foyer chandelier or other lighting are made specifically for foyers

Chandeliers for Foyer

How recognizes a foyer chandeliers. First, Foyers general need for lamps because of increased need for visibility when entering or exiting a residence. A foyer chandelier is often a ceiling mount, chain-mount or close-to-ceiling installation. foyer chandelier hanging from ceiling, centered in middle of foyer. Often stuck behind a window is located above entrance, foyer chandelier be large enough to provide foyer light and a lovely view from outside home. Passersby could see a well proportioned and well centered foyer chandelier through window

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Because foyer chandeliers are highly visible, they can easily be dramatic, especially with high ceilings. For lower ceilings, a large foyer chandelier can be overwhelming. Nevertheless foyer chandelier is usually larger than other fixtures in a residence. Although it is not always case, foyer chandeliers are often purchased in conjunction with other lamps, ensure same hardware and appearance of lamps throughout. For many, ads install bold foyer chandelier elegance to room where guests arrive