DIY Drawer Divider

Aug 10th

The DrawDrawer dividers – No need to buy expensive “organization systems” to keep this desk or dresser neat drawer dividers are easy to make yourself from items you already have around the house. By reusing small cardboard boxes, you live green, help the environment and tame the mess all at the same time. Not to mention the fact that with the money you save, you will be able to afford more things to put in the drawer.
Empty the tray and remove it or pull it out as far as you can. Measure the inner height of the drawer. Experiment with the boxes by placing as many of them as will fit into the drawer dividers and repositioning them until you have a system that pleases you. Take a digital photo or sketch on paper, so you will remember the event. Remove the boxes from the tray. Measure up from the bottom of each box to a point ΒΌ inch smaller than the inside height measurement of the drawer. Draw a line at this height around each box and cut the boxes along these lines.
Arrange the boxes on a table top, with reference to the digital photo or drawing to restore their positions in Step 2. Fasten them together by putting a dab of glue between each adjacent pair of the boxes. When the divider is assembled and the glue is dry, place it in the drawer dividers. Return the tray to the site and replace its contents, distribute them among the divider ‘s room.
er Divider

The Drawer Divider
The Drawer Divider

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