Fireplace Mantel Shelf Designing

Aug 29th

Fireplace mantel shelf – Cut four pieces of wood for a measurement slightly longer than the width of your fireplace. Attach these pieces together in a box shape by means of wood screws, the holes pre-drilled with a slightly smaller in diameter than the screws. One of the pieces must be recessed approximately 1/2 inch into the box rather than flush with the edges of the other pieces that will form the back of the shelf where the brackets are installed


Cut two pieces of wood that covers the ends of the fireplace mantel shelf and attach them to the ends of the fireplace mantel shelf with wood screws, drill holes first. Attach the floating brackets for the rear part of the shelf, by means of at least one support bracket for each 2 meters shelf. Then, cut a piece of wood, which is the same size or larger than the front of the shelf and cutting the decorative means the carving knife. If desired, you can curve front surface using a power sander or other tools. Sand entire front until its front surface is smooth and the front corners are smooth and rounded.

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Attach the front of the shelf with wood glue, so plenty of time to dry before continuing work on the shelf. Sand all of the remaining corners, so that the shelf is smooth. Last, dry the shelf to remove any excess sawdust and apply a layer of paint in spots or smooth even coats along the grain of the wood. Allow plenty of time for the first layer dry and then add another coat and a final coat sealant. Your fireplace mantel shelf design was ready to use.