Ideas for Build a White Wall Shelf Unit

Aug 4th

White wall shelf – Wall mounted directly on the wall for extra storage and decoration. Homemade racks can be customized to suit any room, style and size. Building and construction of the bookcase in the home is also an inexpensive way to add shelving and storage for any room. A fixed shelf wall unit consists of three sections that can be constructed using common hardware store items. These sections shelf itself, shelving stands and wall followers.


Measure the total size of the white wall shelf unit before you start chopping wood. The measurements that are needed should cover the total length, depth and height of the device. Also consider amount of shelving and space in between shelves. Place the plywood on a flat surface. Draw the shelves of shelving required, by the length and depth measurements as a guide. Draw shelving brackets, which should be half the length and only 1 cm high. You need two shelving brackets per shelf. Finally, pull the two white wall shelf supports to measure the total height of the unit and 1 inch wide. Cut each piece in the jigsaw and sandpaper the edges smooth to prevent splinters.

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Place a shelf down flat on the table so that the top of the shelf facing down. Make sure that all the brackets are attached in the same places, so all shelves with brackets look identical. Place the shelves with brackets down so the back is facing up. Line up shelf followers towards the back of the shelves and to make marks in which each of the brackets will attach to the wall support. Pull stud finder along the wall where you want to hang your white wall shelf unit.