Magnetic Drawer Organizer Design Ideas

Aug 28th

Drawer organizer – A poorly organized drawer is not fun to browse through. Magnetic organizers can tame the clutter, and makes it relatively easy to maintain the organizational system you have created, even if you are not naturally of the fine person. Whether you need to organize a drawer full of office supplies and kitchen utensils, many of the same ideas and principles apply.
Make your paper clips, thumbtacks tend to get unruly in your drawer organizer? Place smaller items in clearing- lid spice cans. Then glue heavy square or circular magnets to the inside of your drawer in regular rows and columns, leaving enough space between the magnets to hold the cans. Use varying sizes of cans, if you want to keep elements of different sizes.
While drawers are typically thought of as a method to store things horizontally, there is no reason for you to be a slave of it. Install drawer-high dividers in your drawer organizer and attach magnets to the sides of the partitions. Placing metal tools or other items for separator plates vertically. Alternatively, buy tins to keep items that are not made of metal, such as washcloths in a bathroom or silicon utensils in the kitchen.

White Drawer Organizer
White Drawer Organizer

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