To Remove the Sticky Shelf Paper

Aug 7th

Shelf paper – Shelf paper used on shelves and cabinets to protect surfaces from objects that sit on the shelf or in the closet. Most shelf paper has an adhesive backing, making it possible to stick to the surface. This can make it difficult to remove. With the right products and methods, you can remove the sticky shelf paper quickly without damaging the surface to which the paper is attached.

Top Shelf Paper
Top Shelf Paper

Apply heat to the shelf paper by means of a hair dryer. Start in a corner and hold the hair dryer about six inches from the surface for 30 seconds. Pull up the corner of the shelf liner slowly with your fingers. Spray warm water from a spray bottle on the support of the shelf liner as you lift. Use a plastic putty knife to help pull up the sticky shelf liner.

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Continue this process heating of one section and then drag it up with your fingers and wetting the backing until all shelf liner has been removed. Remove any adhesive residue left from the shelf paper by wiping the area with a cloth moistened with vegetable oil. Wash the surface with hot soapy water to remove any residue.

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